End of veganuary…

So it is the end of Veganuary. As I said, I am staying vegan. I planned to all along and just needed the nudge in the right direction and the support.

What I don’t understand is why people bother to do it for the month is they clearly don’t give a shit? If you don’t care about animal welfare, the enivornment or even your own health why do it? Why totally change your diet and lifestyle for 31 days and then go back on it? I am talking about those who just treat it like a daft challenge and take nothing at all from it.

I keep reading posts about how people have loved every meal they have had, they have had their eyes opened to the horrors of the dairy industry etc and then in the next breath they said ‘I can’t wait to have a beef burger’. What. Fucking what? If you had said I hated it, I don’t think animals are mistreated and I am looking forward to a burger then fair enough and actually well done for trying. If you don’t care then fine, if you have made some positive changes and plan to continue then ace but why pretend to care and then just go back 100% to eating bacon and drinking milky lattes.

The veganuary team have been sending out videos, speeches, websites filled with info about over-fishing, baby calves being removed from their mothers to be fed formula milk, the amount of water being used by animal agriculture…to read and see all that and then not only go back to eating meat and dairy quietly but to make a huge deal about it and celebrate your Mcdonalds 😐 wtf honestly. Some people clearly learned nothing at all from the process.

Obviously not everyone will stay vegan, that is unrealistic and I totally understand some people not doing so. It is the twatishness about all the instagram vegans who ‘loved’ being a vegan through Jan and now care so little that a chicken wrap is more important to then than everything they have just spent a month learning about.



3 thoughts on “End of veganuary…

  1. Hmm, I get where you’re coming from, but I think it’s more difficult for some people than others, especially if their immediate family is really un-supportive or actively try to sabotage them. I was very lucky in that my partner and my mum were both vegetarian, and I have a stubborn streak that can withstand people taking the piss out of me, I’ve been vegan for nearly 20 years now, but there are still very occasionally times when I am tempted to take a break from it, where I think “everyone else gets to live an easy life, why can’t I have that for once?”. I don’t give in, but I feel that even if people just try veganuary the first time and decide it’s not for them at that time, they can still represent to others that it’s not as difficult or as odd as they might think. It might take 2-3 attempts, just like when people give up smoking, doesn’t mean they won’t eventually get there! 🙂


  2. It isn’t the not staying vegan that annoys me its the undermining the whole thing making it look like a Dry January type thing by just going out for a burger afterwards and being all haaaa funny vegans what are they like. It makes veganism look like a gimmick…not the same as somebody just saying they tried but it wasn’t for them if you know what I mean.

    I could have worded it better if I didn’t write it in 5 mins on a busy tram haha


  3. I know what you mean about the easy lifestyle! I have been vegi 14 years and I have felt fed up of defending myself all the time and going out of my way when everyone else does what they want and don’t seem to bother about anyone or anything else!


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