Another year, another food group

Hello dears

David is in bed, I’ve spent the evening reading about Elizabeth Stuart and Amalia Von Solms so I thought I would update the blog!

My blog has ended up with the same fate as my allotment… as in it’s completely forgotten about. I have too much to do at the moment reading about aforementioned exiled Queens and noblewomen :|.

Anyway, I am here now!

So, last year I gave up sugar for my new years resolution. It went pretty well until May and then went up and down since then. I still bake sugar-free, don’t drink fizzy drinks etc so pretty successful really.

This year I went with another food based resolution. I jumped on the Veganuary bandwagon.

I pretty much hate stupid month long challenges that are pointless and gimmicky and I guess this can sort of be seen as that but oh well! I needed a gentle shove in the way of veganism and the challenge has given me that.
I say challenge, I don’t think I have found it challenging at all. Annoying at times but only because most of society just ignores vegans, so you always have to be prepared. I have been vegetarian since 2003 I think, so I haven’t had to cut meat out and I don’t remember a time in the last five or more years where I’ve bought cows milk for my own use anyway.
Things like cheese, eggs and foods containing bits of milk or egg is what I have had to cut out.

As I said, it has just been silly things that have annoyed me or been hard- not being able to just have a cup of tea and cake in a cafe, not being able to have something to eat when visiting someone unplanned, the only choices (if they have any) of sandwich etc being fucking falafel.

BUT you know what. How much does that matter? It is a bit of an arse not being able to have some cheese on toast at my mums and having to REALLY plan ahead for a holiday in France in the summer (literally shitting it) but in the grand scheme of things, I just do not need these things in my life.

I as a human do not need to be consuming anything from another species. People may want to and people may enjoy these things, but it isn’t worth it. It isn’t worth it for the horrors the animals endure, it isn’t worth it for the negative health implications and it definitely isn’t worth it for the devastation the meat and dairy industries cause to the environment.

I’ve been vegan before and failed due to eating mostly just biscuits and losing too much weight. But since having babies and breastfeeding, going through having mastitis, the pain of expressing milk, the pain of giving birth etc and then imagining my little baby being taken from me- it all just means a lot more now. Producing milk is hard work, it is tiring, it can be painful, but at least it is for my own babies and hopefully nobody is planning on forcibly impregnating me and then shooting me when I stop making milk. Nobodys latte or cheesestring is worth all that.

In the past month we have eaten lunch out a few times, been to a vegan street food evening, been out for a meal with the babies, managed to go to a family buffet and have coped in normal day to day situations like going to play centres and uni. It just isn’t that hard, maybe because we were 90% vegan really any way apart from the pointless cakes at costa and stuff and cheese. It’s doable and it is necessary. People need to sort their lives out really instead of relying on other people to fix everything.

I’ll add an album of what I’ve been eating now to show that it is more than lettuce…I’ve noticed I have mostly taken pics of more junky food than proper food lol

See I haven’t starved… in fact I have never eaten so much in my life oops. Here is the fridge and a cupboard, shockingly containing more than just lettuce. I’d show you my pantry but it is a shit tip.

And here are my grubby kids, eating vegan cake (which they always do anyway) notice how they resemble kids eating regular cake…

So yes. All is well for me, it is just other people who always have a problem with positive things that others try to do it seems.

If you don’t know what a vegan is and you think ethical meat exists or you think you love animals watch this (it’s not particularly awful, it is just a good short video instead of the long films) 

So happy new year (a month late!) I better go to sleep now. oh dear

Amy xx


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