I will never give up Parkin

Hello 🙂

What a busy few days as ever of Sarah Wilsoning, failing to go to my allotment, doing work all day long at time for tea, uni, play centre, art gallery. Too much excitement, I’m tired now.

Also- I have left the house in the evening…babyless TWICE in three nights. Omg I know. Went to see Jack off Jill with the lovely Charlotte on Monday, the loves of mine and my friend Billies lives when we were younger; it was very weird with crayons being pulled out of peoples vaginas (the band not mine!) And blood all over, was ace though. Last night was a much more calm evening out; me and David went to see Suffragette whilst his mama watched the babies. It was brilliant, I love Emmeline Pankhurst she is one of my favourite people of all time- but  I really loved that she was hardly portrayed in this film, the film focuses on the stories of a group of normal working class women and how they end up being part of the Suffrage movement and how it impacts on their lives. The characters are mostly fictional but that was nice too as they portray the feelings of many of the women at the time without repeating well known stories; apart from that of Emily Wilding Davison. Anyway yes go and see it, you will cry and feel very insignificant by the end of it!

So, week 3 of the IQS 8 week program. I have to say it isn’t that inspiring, the other weeks meals have been a bit more interesting but all I seem to be eating is butternut squash. I haven’t been sticking to it though really; the breakfasts don’t happen much and we just have low or no sugar cereal, porridge or toast with peanut butter or homemade nutella



I don’t care to be honest though its not as if I am eating pastries and cocopops for breakfast. I have had one sugary item this week though I must confess, but anyone who denies themself of this in this period of the year is a sadist…parkin! Yessss, I don’t think you can make sugar free parkin it would be just wrong.
I did make some no sugar biscuits this week with chocolate buttons containing xylitol which sounds like it is sciency crap but it is an extract of birch bark and it actually good for your teeth!


The biscuits were nice but I can’t say the chocolate buttons tasted like anything but a waste of £2.

Right, Davids late shift tonight so it is time for me to get pjs on and cut out beaks and wings for bird related crafts at home ed art group tomorrow. We only have half the hall tomorrow because there is an exhibition at the studio so we shall see how that goes.

Good night xx


6 thoughts on “I will never give up Parkin

  1. Interesting about the xylitol buttons, I’ve been wondering about getting some as a lot of Sarah Wilson’s recipes use it don’t they? I did try the malt rice syrup but I find it too sweet to be honest so I mostly sweeten things with either honey now or don’t bother sweetening things at all. Well done on reaching week 8!!! I went to see Suffragettes the other day too, I agree it’s definitely a really good perspective on the stories of the ordinary people as opposed to the usual more well known stories, we really enjoyed it too. Well done also on getting a couple of “adult time” nights…we have one planned for tomorrow, don’t know what we’re doing yet though. Exciting! x


    1. The buttons are a bit boring! I did have some amazing Montzuma lime dark chocolate the other day though which I want right now.
      I’m on week 4! Haha 🙂
      Ooo have a good night whatever you end up doing x


      1. Whoops, sorry, misread! How are you doing with week 4 then? We ended up going for out for dinner and I decided to test myself and have desert to see how I would react as I haven’t had any refined sugar in about 4 months…I ended up just wanting more so guess, lesson learned!! x


      2. Badly! I have been too poorly and too busy to care though.
        Plus I keep looking around seeing everyone drinking bottles of coke all day, eating sugary cereal, pastries, chocolate bars every single day and then just think is it reeeeeally going to kill me having a cake or biscuit once or twice a week if I have just water or tea to drink, healthy home made meals, no junk at all in the house…


      3. I know what you mean, I occasionally think that as well but then I think that I’m doing it to be the healthiest that I can be and feel the best that I can and I don’t know how those other chocolate munching people feel, they may feel like crap all the time?! I do agree though that a bit of cake now and again won’t hurt as long as it’s not a habit I guess and there-in lies my problem, I’m trying to find a balance somewhere between all or nothing. Not easy!! Good luck with whatever you decide to do x


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