Oh crap yeh I have a blog

Oh my dear blog, I miss you!

I’ve even got loads of blog relevant stuff to talk about this week (well for when my blog was about quitting sugar) but I’ve been a busy lady.

I swear last time I was at uni I didn’t have this much work to do… maybe it is because I’m actually finally in the second year, maybe it is trying to do it whilst looking after little kids or maybe I am just less of a twat? Whatever it is I am doing hours and hours of reading every night, which is fine and I’m enjoying it but it means other things are having to be ignored- for example the allotment which is resembling a tropical rain-forest. The kids are getting slightly neglected too and apart from when I have made the Sarah Wilson meals in time for them to eat have been living off a bit too much pizza and food from Costa, but they will survive I’m sure!

Uni is going well anyway, it is a little confusing doing such a variety of modules though- today I have been in 1880s London and Ancient Sparta- learning about some really gross stuff to do with prostitutes :|. I have nowhere to keep all my uni stuff at all in our teeny house, so the shoffice project is getting under way… I am putting a shed on my allotment which will be well a shed and an office; a shoffice. In my mind it is a beautiful Victorian room with a fire place and loads of books- this one would do nicely

In reality it is probably going to be a very cold and dark shed on an allotment plot off Bury old road in Prestwich. I can have my dreams though! Thinking about it, by the time it is finished it is going to be really cold and pitch black by about 7pm when I could go, I definitely need my snazzy gas lamp!

I started the Sarah Wilson IQS 8 week program on the 5th Oct, so I am just finishing week 2. I’ve not had any issues at all with the not eating sugar…apart from when I had cake when I went out for my birthday but it was in the 3 course offer so sssh and it was week 1 anyway which is ‘cutting down’ week- oh and I had cake at Davids mums birthday meal the other day which I regretted instantly because it was sooooo sweet.

My issues with the program have not actually been with the not eating sugar, they have been other things- 1) trippling the quantities for all the recipes is annoying (adding another person for David and then half a portion for each kid) 2) Some of the meals don’t go down well with the babies, they have eaten pretty much everything but Matilda wouldn’t eat sprouted beans or aubergines 3) We have the tiniest fridge EVER so everything is on the side in a veg shelf thing and keeps going off 4) I just haven’t got time to make hot breakfasts like 5 days a week and can’t have things like stuffed mushrooms at uni whilst walking from one building to another because I have crammed all my lectures into two days and so have no lunch breaks or even 5 minutes to wee, let alone try to eat a cold stuffed mushroom.

So- I think the meal plans are good, there are lots of good ideas in there which have been useful as I tend to get into a rut of eating the same things, plus it has made me eat more meals which are basically just big bowls of veg, I don’t think they are that easy to stick to though if you are busy or out of the house a lot. The meals are filling though and I genuinely haven’t been wanting to snack in the evenings and haven’t wanted to eat any crap at all.

I’ll just post a load of pictures of food from the past week or two, mostly things from the program

The cake obviously wasn’t on the program meal plan as Sarah Wilson is joyless, it was my birthday cake made by David 🙂
and yes one of those pictures is an omelette with berries in, weird.

In other news, I got a letter from the allotment secretary today telling me off for it not being tidy enough. It is literally impossible! I went the other day with the babies and Percy spent basically the whole time crying, injuring himself and eating mud and slugs. I would go in the evenings on my own but its too late when David is home. I have my dads strimmer here now so can tackle it and create a space for the shoffice. I do kind of thing maybe I should not have an allotment right now, I just don’t have enough hours in my life to devote to it; I’m not giving it up though, I will try one more season- simplify it even more and cut down on even more stuff to give time to the allotment, no idea what this stuff is I am cutting down on as I barely even sleep or see my friends! I am thinking maybe I shouldn’t have set the home ed art group up, it hasn’t been on this week and last for different reasons and not having to prep for it and devote the entirety of Friday to it has made a difference to my stress levels!

Right I’m just talking crap now, I am off to order the food shopping for more exciting 😐 IQS meals for next week

Gute nacht xx


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