Hip pain and quitting sugar (again)

I don’t remember when I last wrote a blog post! Well I am lying actually; I wrote one last week 3 times, it was long and ranty and about education and I could not put into words what I was trying to say, so I gave up!

Since then I have been occupied with uni, home ed art group and a fun filled pelvic infection.

I had my first day of lectures today and have masses of stuff to do this week already, I am going to have to be a week ahead with all the reading I think to take the babies in to account! If anything happens one week and I can’t do much, then at least I am sort of prepared. I am on my way back to get the babes from their childminder now and my boobs are killing (milk related pain oww).

Oh talking of pain! My bloody hips, back and stomach are ruining my life again. Apparently this time it is a pelvic infection which I dont believe. So I am having a full MOT and have put my student grant to good use and paid for the Sarah Wilson I quit sugar 8 week program, so expect lots of updates…obviously I am no longer doing my weekly bakeoff thingy as you can’t even have fruit or artificial sweeteners on the program for weeks 2-6.

So yep, not much to say really. This art group I am running is a bit more work and mess than I anticipated and I am spending millions of pounds on materials that get trashed but hey, Tilds enjoys it. Here are some art group pics




Tilds has been going to ballet too which is equally cute


Right I better pick my kids up before I collapse with this throbbing booby pain!


2 thoughts on “Hip pain and quitting sugar (again)

  1. Good luck with the IQS – I’m on week 7 at the moment and apart from a few accidental slip ups when I didn’t realise I was consuming sugar (mostly when out and about) it’s gone pretty well. Check out my blog for lots of posts on what I ate! Hope it goes well for you x


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