Cakes everywhere!

Oooo rain, rain is lovely… for now as I am indoors, with my slippers and a cosy cardigan on and there is a cake in the oven. The rain will be less welcome in 45 mins when me and David trek to the other side of town with Percy for an open evening for uni. It better stop by then :/

So yes cake! Great British bakeoff is on tonight and it is the free-from baking week, so I thought I would make a carrot cake and jazz it up a bit by a) making it into a bundt cake and b) making a salted caramel sauce to drizzle over it. All was going well until I went to get the carrots out and they had all gone really gross and mouldy (cheers Aldi), I had already weighed out all the flours, nuts, raisins etc so couldn’t really change my recipe too much, so I have ended up grating up 4 apples and 1 courgette instead of the carrots. Lets see how that turns out later. I based the salted caramel sauce on this recipe, but used double the amount of dates and used coconut milk instead of water, I also have a shit blender so mine is a bit lumpy, but sooooo what.

You are going to have to wait for the recipe for this cake until later on or tomorrow I’m afraid, as it is not ready yet, so since we are talking about sugar free cakes I thought I’d put a few links to some I’ve made in the past year for anyone after inspiration or any new likers who missed these recipes in their lives the first time they were posted.

Just click on the links and scroll past my ramblings to find cake recipes!

Chocolate and coconut loaf
Obscenely good chocolate cake
Easy maple and pecan cake
Quick peachy cake
Blueberry spelt muffins
Black forest cupcakes

There we are! A good selection of sugar-less cakes for you to bake 🙂


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